Life Project Egypt

Achieving the aims


This project therefore seeks to build the capabilities of practitioners and professionals within the forensic psychiatric settings in Egypt as follows:

i. Develop standardised guidelines and protocols to improve the health and quality of life of detained patients.

ii. Reduce unnecessary financial burden in the forensic psychiatry setting by reducing the length of patient’s stay and introducing more effective, evidence-based treatment.

iii. Establish a Centre of Excellence of Forensic Psychiatric Research – a hub to promote evidence-based decision making in forensic psychiatric establishments and future scientific research


Through a series of networking events, workshops, study visits and pilot research, services for mentally disordered offenders in Egypt could be strengthened by:

i. Studying the patients’ characteristics, needs and quality of life and comparing it to the patients in the UK.

ii. Identifying points of strength and weakness of current practices in Egypt by mapping current evidence-based services and management guidelines from the UK.

iii. Proposing a new management protocol to suit the unique and specific needs of Egyptian patients.

iv. Studying the attitudes of general population towards the offender patients in Egypt so as to overcome obstacles in patients’ eventual reintegration.


It will take place across two countries, the United Kingdom and Egypt.

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